Bircher Muesli

Any of my close friends have been dragged from cafe to cafe by me to find the perfect Bircher muesli.

Sometimes you dont feel like a fry-up, especially if you have just exercised or if it is a warm sunny morning.

Bircher Muesli is a delicious, healthy creamy flavour paced breakfast packed full of fibre and almost like a desert to eat!

Combine 3 cups of raw  oats (or muesli of your choice) with 1 cup of apple juice, 1 grated apple and 1.5 cups of pot set yoghurt.

You can also add cinnamon or coconut at this point also if you like. I normally throw in some LSA or bran just to pump up the health  factor.

Combine all these ingredients and refrigerate overnight or for a minimum of 2 hours.  After a minimum of 2 hours your Bircher should be firm but creamy, give it a stir.

Now, this is the fun bit, you can top this with any variety of toppings you like, here are some examples.

Berries and toasted almond (as pictured), Pistachios, Papaya and honey, Apricot almonds and coconut, Poached pears and hazelnut,

Strawberries and much more!!



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