Brightening up your dinner parties


I am always looking for cost effective ways to brighten up and decorate my home. I love how a simple dash of colour can change the feel of a room. Red is romantic and warming, aqua is light and summery, yellow and orange are inspiring and can really lift a room particularly if there are a lot of Neutral colours and whites.

I recently came across some really gorgeous fabrics  and decided to purchase a few knowing I would somehow find a use for them.  I thought I could make them into some throw cushion covers so that is still on the list, but since I was having the girls over for dinner that night I thought I would use it as a table runner, to add some colour to my white table.

I have since used my fabric pieces a lot to style my dinner parties and events. When I have the yellow table runner I get bright vibrant flowers like poppies, tulips or anemones and place them in glass bottles or Jars.

For my pale blue fabric I went more beachy and pretty with shells and candles and lanterns with one pink Camelia (from the garden).

I recently used the red fabric at a party with dark wood statues and lots of tropical inspired flowers and large chunks of cheese and bread rolls and heirloom tomatos for a rustic inviting feel. There are some great fabric stores these days like and  Felix  loves fabric. where I got my fabric from as little as $7 a piece!

Lots of fun, being creative and decorating your home without spending a fortune!



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