Freak winds Steal the brides Veil 15 mins before wedding!

It was a stunning day, not a cloud to be seen. The beautiful bride had been primped and preened and was getting some last minute snaps on the rooftop overlooking the city when a gust of wind blew her veil up! At first I kept snapping photos of her because it looked gorgeous being caught by the wind but then it dislodged and flew right off her head high into the Sky!

We watched it as it danced through the air above buildings and dissapeared a block away.

“Do you have a spare veil” I asked? To which she shreaked “NO”. we ran to the elevator, got to the lobby and separated running down the street. The bride in full dress and heels hitched up her dress to run, It was quite a sight.

There one very large block away it lay in the middle of a road. I ran out and retrieved the veil and was surprised to see it had not even been run over or got dirty, Phew!

The beautiful bride was so happy she cheered and we quickly pooped it back in her hair, securing it with pins this time.

We were all stressed out and I said this will be a great story for the grandchildren, you know we will laugh about this one day!

Although a little late the beautiful bride arrived to meet her handsome groom and begin the rest of the best day of thier lives so far!! Image


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