Balsamic roasted portobello Mushrooms on crunchy polenta chips with Asparagus and shaved Parmesan.

This is a delicious flavourful dish that although is meat free is packed full of protein and richness that allows you to fully appreciate the flavours of each component. The rich meatiness of the mushroom with the crispy polenta and fresh asparagus taste so fantastic together.. In fact you would not want any meat with this dish as it would intrude on the harmony!!
I highly recommend you try this dish!!
Portobello mushrooms with polenta and asparagus.

Use 1 mushroom per person. Slice the mushroom into large finger strips and popped them in the oven with some olive oils and balsamic vinegar for 20 minutes with foil on top to prevent them drying out.

For the polenta chips you can either buy pre-made polenta or you can prepare your own.
Cut into large chip size or triangles depending on presentation desired.
Shallow fry in hot oil for around 7 minutes each side until golden, check regularly because when the oil is hot some sides can cook a little more quickly. Once they are ready place them on brown paper to absorb excess oil.

Steam some Asparagus spears, don’t be shy here as the Asparagus freshens the dish up and is so healthy so stack em up!!

Assemble you polenta chips, mushroom and asparagus on the plate then top with pepper and shaved Parmesan. Delish!!!


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