A surprisingly tasty shaved zucchini salad with green olive and mint.

I recently dined at a fancy restaurant in town and was served a very simple zucchini side salad with green olives and a little garlic, it was so delicious and I was amazed at how tasty this shaved zucchini tasted, I recreated this recently when I had family visiting and it was a real crowd pleaser!

Here is my interpretation.

The zucchini is shaved into long thin strips using a potato peeler and placed in a bowl with some lemon juice garlic ( 1/2 Clove finely chopped) and olive oil. I used 4 zucchinis because there were a few of us eating that night.

Although the zucchini is raw once the olive oil and lemon juice is added it begins to cook a little in the acid of the lemon and of course because zucchini does not have a strong flavour it takes on the lemony garlicky flavour and is a beautiful base for this salad.

I then tossed in some sliced green olives.. I feel green olives are best in this dish because the compliment the flavour but don’t overpower like black olives can, the green also adds a lovely dimension to the green colours in this dish.

Next I threw I some mint, steamed asparagus and blanched broccoli not a lot just a couple of small sliced florets. You don’t want them to take over the dish just add some deep green and some crunch and change up the flavours a little. It’s great if the greens are still warm when you throw them in as it makes the salad warm and the oils seems to coat a little better.

Toss all these ingredients around so the lemon and olive oil and garlic coat all the ingredients.
This is the basic recipe and is delish as is however as per the images above and below you can add throw so e additional flavours in there too!

Season with salt and then throw in some croutons and feta cheese just to add some extra crunch and bite to the dish ( optional of course). The above picture features sliced artichokes and chilli as an alternative … It’s up to you what you want to add to this salad otherwise keep it basic!

This is a deliciously different salad and a great dish to serve with pasta, fish, or pizza.. I have been known to just throw some of is salad on top of my pasta too!

It’s also a great alternative to leafy salads in wintertime!!



Beautiful Italian chicken with Sicilian green olives, sage and white wine a deliciously simple dish you will love


second month into winter here and the temperature keeps dropping. Friends are galavanting through Europe and the USA enjoying the sunshine while I am back home fantasising about moving to Italy or the tropics .. Somewhere I never again have to question whether I need socks with my ugg boots or not.

This dish is so simple to make, its a good old back to basics dish that reminds you that sometimes you can put 5 simple ingredients in a dish and it tastes just amazing. The flavour is literally white wine, garlic and sage and it is amazing… just the smell of this dish takes me to a gorgeous italian village or cafe in sicily on a hot night… hmmm yes please!!!

I can not take credit for the creation of this dish… I think this little beauty has been around for a long time but yum it does impress!!

This dish is very simple this is for 4 hungry people.
I used 6 chicken thing on the bone or chicken Maryland pieces ( free range of course)
I cup of Sicilian green olives ( these are grass green… Not “olive green ” hehe
A handful of torn sage leaves
1 and a half cups of white wine
and 5-6 cloves of garlic just crushed with your knife or wooden spoon ( press down on the garlic smash it)

First season and sear your chicken in the pan so all sides are brown then add all your other ingredients and simmer for 4 minutes and then transfer the lot to a baking dish with high sides that snugly fits the lot and bake at at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-50 minutes.

I served this on a bed of mash and steamed green beans but I have been told its fabulous on soft polenta too and I dare say more authentic Italian style!