Beautiful Italian chicken with Sicilian green olives, sage and white wine a deliciously simple dish you will love


second month into winter here and the temperature keeps dropping. Friends are galavanting through Europe and the USA enjoying the sunshine while I am back home fantasising about moving to Italy or the tropics .. Somewhere I never again have to question whether I need socks with my ugg boots or not.

This dish is so simple to make, its a good old back to basics dish that reminds you that sometimes you can put 5 simple ingredients in a dish and it tastes just amazing. The flavour is literally white wine, garlic and sage and it is amazing… just the smell of this dish takes me to a gorgeous italian village or cafe in sicily on a hot night… hmmm yes please!!!

I can not take credit for the creation of this dish… I think this little beauty has been around for a long time but yum it does impress!!

This dish is very simple this is for 4 hungry people.
I used 6 chicken thing on the bone or chicken Maryland pieces ( free range of course)
I cup of Sicilian green olives ( these are grass green… Not “olive green ” hehe
A handful of torn sage leaves
1 and a half cups of white wine
and 5-6 cloves of garlic just crushed with your knife or wooden spoon ( press down on the garlic smash it)

First season and sear your chicken in the pan so all sides are brown then add all your other ingredients and simmer for 4 minutes and then transfer the lot to a baking dish with high sides that snugly fits the lot and bake at at around 170 degrees Fahrenheit for 40-50 minutes.

I served this on a bed of mash and steamed green beans but I have been told its fabulous on soft polenta too and I dare say more authentic Italian style!



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