Tropical ottomans

Tropical ottomans

After a tropical Holiday in Miami I decided I neede some more tropical in my life!
Despite grey skies outside I wanted that Luxe feeling at home. Firstly I have pushed the wine to the side and have been having Tropical fruit shakes and Malibu and pineaple juice instead.
That certainly worked a treat at taking my tatsebuds on Vacation at least!!

I found some beautiful Vintage style Hawaiian Barckloth and shipped it out here to Australia and had some tropical ottomans made.
Whilst sitting in my tropical home with my tropical drink I thought.. YES!! This is how life should be.. dont forget to bring your favourite elements of life home.
The beauty of the ottomans and cushion covers is that they dont cost the earth but change the whole feel of the place.
The beauty of the Mailbu and pineapple is that its healthy mixed with alcohol right ( I know, I know.. I am kiding myself with the Malibu!)

The response to My ottomans has been so great I have made them available in Sydney. You can see them here.


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