Hello there, thanks for dropping by. I’m Jess a 30 something career girl who loves to entertain, be entertained, succeed, enjoy life, capture beautiful moments, eat delicious food, be healthy and happy!!

Sometimes its tough… there just are not enough hours in a day. You have to work hard, eat well, exercise, be social, be there for loved ones, remember to feed the cat.. the list goes on!!

A couple of years ago I moved across from an artistic/ creative role to a more corporate role in advertising in search of a more comfortable life with a regular income and great perks!

After 18 months in the corporate world I had a great little routine of exercise, social catch ups, eating well.. apart from the occasional weekend blow outs where cheese platters, lovely wine, international cuisine and of course decadent deserts would feature! (Gotta live right??).

I still found myself feeling like something was missing? What am I missing here I asked?? I began (and am still on) a journey revisiting the passions I had years ago that have contributed to the person I am today. Sometimes I think you have to remind yourself of your past to help guide your future. Perhaps not all aspects but certainly your favourite bits!

My favourite bits are cooking, drawing, painting, taking photos, discovering new flavours, sharing my discoveries with people!



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