Years ago I returned home to Australia after living in the UK for 9 months I  brought home many tales, a new respect for the beauty of Australia and around 10 extra kilos I had picked up along the way! There were glances of acknowledgement from friends who had also returned from overseas looking a little rounder!!

Moving straight to Bondi beach in Summertime was all the inspiration I needed to shed that extra weight so i began to exercise.. as you know though to exercise you need to eat well to give you the energy.

My thing is I am a foodie, I have Italian back ground and all life’s celebrations growing up were over a beautiful picnic or table laden with yummy food.

Even now one of my favourite things to do is to sit with my friends/ loved ones around a table filled with beautiful food and discuss, life, dramas, passions with some great music in the back ground and of course a lovely bottle of wine!

My mother was also keen to lose some weight after she had some health complications so although she lived a 2hour drive away together we came up with some fantastic low fat meals that meant we were eating well yet still enjoying our meals immensely!

Best way to diet is to not feel like you are on one I say!



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