Party Jars….


I love collecting Jars ( much to my partners dismay) I love all the different shapes you can get, the odder the shape the better. I now even buy products in the supermarket that have cool shaped jars, so instead of buying honey in a plastic container I buy glass Jars!

I have blogged previously about using jars and glass bottles for flowers and decorations but recently I have started to use them for food too.

 A couple of weeks ago we went out for drinks at a groovy little cocktail lounge and we were presented with Cocktails.. in a Jar.

I did sweets in Jars for my engagement party, see below. Unfortunately they didn’t all get eaten  at the party so I had a giant lolly jar in my house for a week ( YUM!)


 Last weekend I helped a friend decorate her Art space venue for a launch night, she brought along all these Jars, They made the table look very rustic and colurful and creative. Perfect for an Arts space! Next to the jars was a jar of long wooden skewers so that you could pierce an olive or tomato for yourself and make your own antipasto skewer! we had a ball!! See top and bottom pics.



This summer I intend to make more foods in jars, like deserts, small trifles and tiramisu in individual jars, what cute presentation and if you cant eat it all, you just pop the lid back on and pop it back in the fridge!!

As well as being Handy, they look super cool and are great because you can wash em out and use them again and again, so they are great for the environment too.